Hong Kong

What We Value

We are a family company with a long-term orientation whose actions are rooted in the Lauder family values of respect for the individual, uncompromising ethics and integrity, generosity of spirit and fearless persistence.

Our duty as responsible corporate citizens is to lead by example and to encourage everyone with whom we engage to share and reflect these values.

William P. Lauder

Executive Chairman

"We pride ourselves on our commitment to operating ethically — we hold ourselves accountable for the impact we make and the influence for good we can have everywhere we do business," says William P. Lauder, Executive Chairman. "At the heart of our collaboration with our suppliers is innovation — let’s work together on innovating, not just in the traditional sense but also for quality and sustainability.”

Our success is built on the trust our consumers place in our products. They know our products work. They know we make them to be safe. They know we make them with care.

Core Principles

Building on these core values we also abide by the following principles: an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence — delivering exceptional products, services and experiences to the most discerning consumers around the world.

  1. Creativity and innovation infused throughout our business — from product development to packaging, sampling to selling, marketing to merchandising.
  2. Cultural relevance and respect — ensuring that our products, messaging and in-store experiences reflect the aspirations and desires of consumers in local markets.
  3. Inclusion and diversity — reflecting our belief that no one person, group or culture has all the knowledge, skills or information necessary for success.
  4. Acting responsibly and caring for the communities we serve — sourcing responsibly, running energy-efficient operations, utilizing green chemistry practices and bringing awareness and resources to global causes relating to health, education and the environment.

Responsible Sourcing Practices

Many of our brands use resources from all around the world. We endeavor to source our ingredients and materials responsibly and sustainably with respect for local communities and the environment.

We expect our suppliers to comply with local or national laws and regulations governing minimum wages, work hours, overtime compensation, hiring, occupational safety, forced labor or child labor and biodiversity.

Woman and Water

These expectations are clearly detailed in our Supplier Code of Conduct — which serves as the basis for how we evaluate and help our suppliers meet our high ethical standards in the procurement of our product ingredients and materials.

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