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Accelerate App Building with Pre-Built Layouts

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Accelerate App Building with Pre-Built Layouts

We are excited to be introducing our new series Digital Development & Design Accelerators! This will be a recurring, interactive online session in which we will provide you with a live demo, highlight key features and discuss how Indigo.Design App Builder can help you builder complete business apps up to 80% faster.

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Unlock the Potential of your Marketing Team's Data

Marketing departments spend hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on advertising, allocating resources to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to gain traction of their products and services. As a result, you are collecting endless amounts of data points, and you need to know of your money is well spent.  Join us to learn how to unlock your marketing department's full potential.

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Slingshot 101: Learning the Basics

Аs a Product Owner and Marketing Manager I am someone who knows first-hand the importance of staying in constant collaboration with multiple teams while relying on data. That’s why I want you to be as successful as you can be in Slingshot. And for this to happen, you need to know where its most valuable assets lie, where to go first and what features to use based on your specific team needs.

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Optimizing Your Paid Marketing Campaigns in Slingshot

Marketing campaigns are an integral component of every company’s growth strategy. However, Paid Marketing campaign include many assets and keeping all of that organized and on track is not an easy task. Slingshot is here to bring calmness into your campaign chaos and help you focus on the insights so that you can achieve your campaign goals and secure more sales.

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Slingshot Next Level Demo: Time to Up your Game

You already know the Slingshot basics, where to go first and what features to try at the beginning, to boost your team’s productivity. Now, I invite you to up your game and dive deeper within Slingshot, to get truly confident with using it to the best of its abilities and explore more of how fast your team’s – and company’s – productivity can grow. 

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Slingshot Expert Demo: Let’s Graduate to Greatness

Become a Slingshot expert! Take this opportunity to explore Slingshot’s secrets on a proficient level. Take a deep dive into all the high-level functionalities that are set to take your collaboration to the next level. Examine how all is connected and get to know the data-driven options that make all the difference. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Embedded Analytics

Did you know that the lack of in-context data prevents you from making smarter business decisions - and as a result, missing out on key revenue opportunities?

Build Apps Blazing Fast from Design to Code

Creating beautiful, rich, and interactive screens is hard. Pulling it all together in an application is harder. With the new Indigo.Design App Builder from Infragistics, you get the full power of modern app building in a WYSIWYG drag & drop IDE in the browser!

Indigo.Design App Builder From Design to Code with One Click

The Indigo.Design App Builder Public Preview is here! A cloud-based tool enabling developers and designers to go from design to code in one click, Indigo.Design App Builder is the newest member of the Indigo.Design product family. 

Embedded Analytics: 5 Steps to App Modernization

Embedded analytics help companies add value to your applications and enabling real-time reporting, interactive data visualization and advanced analytics— quicker than building them yourself. Make complex information comprehensible by presenting it visually, giving users insights to help them drive smarter, faster decisions.  

Unlock the Potential of Your Marketing Data

Marketing departments are spending hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on advertising, and allocating resources to Search Engine Optimization. Join us for this webinar to help you understand how you can unlock the full potential of your marketing data.

Ignite UI for Blazor: Build Beautiful Apps Fast with C# and Blazor!

Don't miss this first-look at our first official Blazor release! Join us and learn how you can deliver better, high-performance, feature-rich Blazor applications, faster.