React Axis Options

    In all Ignite UI for React charts, the axes provide properties for visual configurations such as titles, labels, and ranges. These features are demonstrated in the examples provided below.

    React Axis Titles

    The axis titles feature of the React charts, allows you to add contextual information to the your chart. You can customize the look and feel of the axis titles in many different ways such as applying different font styles, colors, margins, and alignments.

    React Axis Labels

    The React Charts allows you full control over configuring, formatting, and styling the font of the labels displayed on an axis in your chart. You can change the rotation angle, margin, horizontal and vertical alignment, color, padding, and visibility of axis labels.

    React Axis Range

    In the React charts, you can define a range minimum and range maximum value of a numeric or time axis. The range minimum is the lowest value of the axis and the range maximum is the highest value of the axis. These are set by setting the yAxisMinimumValue and yAxisMaximumValue options.

    By default, the React charts will calculate the minimum and maximum values for the numeric and time axis range based on the lowest and highest corresponding value points in your data, but this automatic calculation may not be appropriate for your set of data points in all cases. For example, if your data has a minimum value of 850, you may want to set the yAxisMinimumValue to 800 so that there will be a space value of 50 between the axis minimum and the lowest value of data points. The same idea can be applied to the axis minimum value and the highest value of data points using the yAxisMaximumValue property.

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